Blue Boy and Beany

Two moms, twins and autism.

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Twice Exceptional

Up until now, I haven’t mentioned Beany much.  I wanted to keep this blog focused more on how autism plays out in our family journey and I wasn’t entirely sure where Beany fit in….until now.  We’ve recognized rigid behavior in Beany for quite some time.  Over the last 6 months or so, our concerns grew to …

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It’s been a while…..

I didn’t mean to stop blogging, but life happens.  At first I was conflicted.  I wanted to write a really good post for April, which was Autism Awareness Month.  You see, there are two overarching, highly generalized camps among autism parents.  On one side are the folks that are trying to “fix” their children and …

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Elvis and the Easter Bunny

We are all about Elvis in our house right now.  Yes, Elvis.  I don’t even remember how it started, but Blue Boy took an instant liking to Elvis and his music.  What’s not to like…charismatic, animated guy that plays the guitar and dances.  Grandma recently visited and brought a DVD of great performances.  Beany jumped …

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It Wasn’t My Kids…Wahoo!!

I am sure I have earned a special place in parenting hell for thinking those words.  The fact that I did a little happy dance in my head as we left the birthday party will certainly seal my fate. It’s not that I don’t sympathize with other parents, believe me, I sympathize.  But, for once, …

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“Cody Pooped in the Potty!”

Cody is Blue Boy’s doll.  Last night we were trying to herd the cats….er, get the twins to settle down for our nighttime story, when we heard those words from Blue Boy.  Sure enough, there was a naked Cody sitting on the dusty potty chair that neither twin had shown any interest in for well …

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Autism Diagnosis: Now what do we do?

My personal experience with receiving a diagnosis for myself  is that it comes with a treatment plan. High blood pressure – take this pill, exercise, lose weight, monitor your numbers and check back in 3 months.  Pretty straight forward, very prescriptive.  Not so with autism.  Blue Boy’s diagnosis came with about 10 pounds of documents, …

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Huge Leap in Expressive Language!

I have done a horrible job documenting the lives of Blue Boy and Beany and many small moments have been lost.  Fortunately, much has been captured in pictures if not words.  But there are also things I don’t think I will ever forget even with no pictures, no Facebook posts or bragging emails to relatives. …

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How did you know?

It’s funny, but this is the question we are most often asked when we tell people Blue Boy is autistic.  Maybe it is because he often appears so “typical” or perhaps they have concerns about their own child.  But, in all likelihood, it’s just a safe question to ask. So, how did we know?  This …

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First Preschool IEP Meeting

Blue Boy has been receiving services through birth-to-three and attends “school” twice a week for 1.5 hours.  Beany is in class with him as a “typical peer”.    Since we are 90 days out from 3rd birthdays, we had a meeting today with Blue Boy’s head teacher and a representative from the Seattle Public School …

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